Control means to minimize the document production. It is also means to
produce as minimum or limited number of document as possible. It is required to
minimize or to limit the production of documents or to stop the publication of
unnecessary documents for a country.

production of unnecessary documents may be reduced by the following three ways

  • Simplification
    of functioning.
  • Simplification
    of work process.
  •  Use
    of printed form.
Their descriptions are furnished

a. Simplification of functioning:

It is obvious that the basic causes of unnecessary record making are the
scope of activities of modern government. The functioning of a government
agency is our first point of attack on the problem of reducing the volume of
public records. The functioning of government of government agency should be
simplified. If the work has complexity, the document productions are increased.
So new should do the work as simple as possible.

For example, in Rajshahi
University where an officer is required to apply for leave mentioning the
ground. The necessity of the leave abolishes because of lengthy procedure of
sanctioning. It is an extensive and complex function. But if the officer submit
his application to his immediate senior officer who has a right to grant his
junior’s application, the sanction of leave will become easy.

b. Simplification of work processes:

These processes are usually far more complicated than they need to be.
As government agency is assigned particular responsibilities, little attention
is paid to how they are discharged. Document publication depends on the work process.
Applying the scientific method we can stop the publication of unnecessary

For example,
when the authority of Rajshahi University invites applications from candidates
for appointment of a professor, many applications with educational certificates,
characteristic certificate, testimonial etc. are submitted. These are nothing
but a pile of papers to the authority. This method of appointment of professor
is very complicated. If the authority appoints directly a well-known qualified
person for that post, there is no need of those unnecessary documents. This is
the scientific method to minimize the document production. 

c. Use of printed form:

form is more reasonable than under a registry or handwriting system in any
governmental work. Because by using printed form we can keep record many
writing in a short space. Besides, if the file is filled up with printed form
it will be easy to bear from office to office.
In Bangladesh scenario:

The above three methods are very
important for any country now a day. But in Bangladesh their proper execution
are not possible at this moment. Because of –

  • Simplification of functioning creates
    corruption here. If the senior officer maintains directly the power of sanction
    of his juniors, the misuse opportunity will be increased. On account of easy
    process the officers want to leave always for nothing. So, we see that
    simplification of functioning is not appropriate in all fields of Bangladesh. 
  • For applying scientific method is any work the
    people must need enough knowledge and efficiency. They also must be expert in
    public administration. But most of the people in Bangladesh are unable to
    analyze the procedure and methods of the work. They don’t know how the
    operation is performed and how it may be changed. So, lack of essential
    knowledge and efficiency we cannot appoint the specialist in a vacant post. 
  • Use of printed form is very important to
    minimize the document productions. Our specialists know how to make and use the
    printed forms. But the process is not applicable at this moment in our country
    because of its costly expenditure.
  • It is apparent from the above discussion that, we should not be able to
    execute the three methods till our social, educational and economical
    conditions will not be improved. None of these methods are suitable for us. Use
    of printed form is very expensive method. So, we should primarily emphasize upon
    the former two methods now in Bangladesh.

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