Functions of School Library:

Some of the functions of school library are as:

  1. It provides suitable documents and information helpful in educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school.
  2. It makes available text books and other additional reading material for all subjects as per the requirement of teachers and students.
  3. It procures handy documents, illustrated picture books with bold and large fonts to create the interest of children in reading.
  4. It procures latest teaching learning material in the form of books, CD, audio-visual etc. to improve the teaching skills to teachers.
  5. It keeps reference books, dictionaries, year books, directories, encyclopedias, travel books, etc. so that students and teachers can get help of these other than the text books.
  6. It also keeps some books on easy self-learning like how to use computer, to develop the learning skills of students.
  7. It makes available biographies, autobiographies of freedom fighters and other national and international personalities to develop respect love for nation and humanity.
  8. It provides books of simple and meaningful stories of classics, animals and birds of give moral values and ethics to children.
  9. It also procures bulletins, journals etc. on different subjects and various aspects of education to keep the teacher and school management updated in their respective areas.


Aims and Objectives of school library:

A library associated or connected with a school and used by the students, teacher and staff of the school is called a school library. A school li8brary has the following objectives:

  • It supports all education al programs of the school.
  • It cultivates reading habits in school children.
  • It develops their interest to use the library for their overall development.
  • It inculcates the habit of seeking help of additional sources other than text books.
  • It develops self-learning skills of students.
  • It nurtures good moral values and principles in the children.
  • It cultivates a feeling of respect and love for nation and its culture in the students.
  • It helps teachers to improve their teaching expertise.
  • It provides healthy material for recreational and entertainment purpose of students, teachers and staff members.
  • It keeps the teachers and management informed with the latest updates in education sector.

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