In house activities of a library

In-house activities of a library.
The in-house library activities may be divided broadly into two kinds of job i.e.

  • a. Work behind the screen.
  • b. The work with reader.
The former types of work consist of acquiring, processing and preserving the reading material. It does not have any direct contact. This type of work is called the in-house activities of library. There are various types of in-house activities. Which are describe in bellow,
  •   i. Technical work/service.
  •  ii. Maintenance service.
  • iii. Reader’s service.

1. Technical service: Technical services are basically essential for successfully implementing any library activities. The technical services of a library are consist of the following work.

  • a. Book selection: The word selection therefore implies the choice of materials for edition to the stock of a library. The librarian selects materials which help his readers to gain information, entertainment, and background knowledge. It is the process of ensuring the supply of right materials to the right readers to the right times. Book selection process differs from library to library due to peculiar circumstances of library.
  • b. Book acquisition: Acquisition of reading material is one of the important functions of a library. The acquisition is a pre-requisite for a library. Acquisition work is so important that it should be organized such a manner that the reading materials is acquired in the library without any delay and at the minimum cost for the maximum utility. The acquisition is done mostly by purchasing sometimes exchange of library materials from library to library can enriches the resources of library besides gift can enriches the resources of the library.
  • c. Processing: After selecting and receiving the resource must be organized for use the basic works of the processing unite are classification and cataloguing.

2. Maintenance: In the maintenance section the books are properly shelves when receive from the processing section or after being used. In other word the books are properly stored and display. The maintenance section take care for conserving besides the maintenance section takes care for book binding and stock verification.

3. Reader’s service section: Readers service section is concerned with the reference service, Periodical section and circulation system.

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