Objectives and Importance of University Library

Considering the objectives of higher education today, the university library system has to shoulder onerous responsibilities. The library not only complements the class room study but also aids the research.
The University library delivers a wide spectrum of services, by helping students with textbooks, parallel studies, reference books and periodicals; by providing a large number of bibliographic tools and up-to-date literature on every subject for students, teachers and research scholars; as well as by maintaining an efficient reference and information service.
The University library has the following objectives:

  1. To provide facilities for all teaching, learning, educational and research programmes of the University.
  2. To create to the information needs of teachers, students, researches, associated with the university.
  3. To provides facilities to its users for intellectual development which is a power of acquiring ideas through individual efforts.
  4. It conserves knowledge.
  5. By putting knowledge to use for research purpose it makes extension of knowledge.
  6. By providing latest knowledge to teachers in their field for effective teaching it makes transmission of knowledge possible.

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